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Recognizing Your Legacy

Legacy Branding & Marketing

Leverage Technology Online & Offline Strategies & Tactics

Systems & Sales Flows

Warning: What you are about to learn during our Mastermind Legacy audio call in the next page, will transform your Speaker, Coaching and Consulting career forever. We teach the stuff we've taught the top experts in the world from over 120 different industries. You can't share this with anyone. You are here because you either know myself, Glenn or one of our "raving fan" clients. So, you must be someone of integrity, who is burned out....or know that you have way more inside.... than the levels you are playing on right now. So, get ready to make 2019 the best year yet of your entire entrepreneurial career. *TOGETHER*!
I wish the top experts and gurus would have taught me this shit when I was struggling, or when I was just starting out in my own career. Our stated mission is to raise the standard in the coaching, consulting and speaking industry on all 5 continents—as we assist our clients to grow and scale their own entreprise. In so doing, we have attracted over 3,000 case studies and testimonial over the 18 years. As I always say from stage, "Give, Share, Contribute....AND Teach your best strategies to win at everything you do. Treat others how you wish to be treated, and make every day an Epic day. You never know if today is going to be your last. So make it count."
To be up completely front, I am not selling you anything during the Mastermind audio call on the next page. We are going to teach you as if you were one of our 100k OMEGA MIND™ Inner Circle clients. This is a pre-recorded Mastermind Legacy call.
I can guarantee you that you have never received this type of training before. This is an example of the same type of preparation our clients receive…every week of the year!
This year, we thought we would do something we have never done before. We will be giving way some our best secrets to help you accelerate your cash flow and set new record breaking sales for your niche. 
Why we are doing that? You may ask. 
We know that if you apply what we will teach you, you are going to make money and set yourself apart from the competition. We also know that a hand full of you are in this for the long run and want high level assistance on going and you will come back whenever you are ready for more assistance from our company and you will also refer us clients as you had an actual taste receiving the exact training we do for our 100k inner circle clients. 
We are also vetting quickly 4 clients to join this program to get a sampling of what it looks like to work with me, and my business partner, Glenn Dietzel. This is why we have written this letter.
We decided not to spend hours, like others, writing copy and hyping this program. As you will see we don't need to write copy, nor do we have to hype the program as the material speaks for itself.
I very much look forward talking to you once you go through this training and sharing the results you got from it. I will give you access to my private calendar in the next page. 
This is why we have amassed thousands of case studies over the past 18 years. We are ultimately about assisting clients like you with focus and execution. After all, implementation is what it comes down to in business...AND this is what we excel at! 
Remember, "It's not the big that eat the small, but the fast that consume the slow!" 
We have spent the last 18 years and 18,000+ hours working with clients from over 120 industries to rise to the top of their industries.
It pleases us to help you with achieving your dreams and legacy.
We are super excited for you. Carlos and Glenn have invested over 5.5Mil USD to provide this specific advice for you so you can accelerate your focus and execution.
First, it is imperative that you have your idea and niche target market narrowed down at the beginning. 
I can't wait to share to some of you that want work with us to get access to our Build a Killer Coaching Business from the Stage™. You will have the EXACT FORMULA we use to teach our clients how to build a seven figure business from the stage.
It’s super important to realize that you can build a GREAT company from a GREAT presentation. With Build a Killer Coaching Business from the Stage™ you will move through 5 sections to assist you to frame or re-engineer your advice. The net result is that you will be able to finally increase your financial power. YOU WILL LOVE IT…JUST LIKE OUR CLIENTS DO FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD.
Most companies don’t fix their conversion processes properly…AND they don’t know how to create a presentation which clearly positions their company and brand as #1 in their industry.
This is why we have provided you access to get a taste of some of the magic our system does. So please follow it EXACTLY.
Congratulations again for reading this far. Most people don't. Everything covered here and the next page is 100% proprietary and you can't share unless you become our client. This means when you do, you and your company will finally have a UNFAIR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE for your business. That’s great news for you!
Take action and Glenn and Carlos look forward hearing from you in the near future once you pass through each phase on the next page. 

Here is my final thought:
Our clients are able to create record results. They take a "systems approach to massive success, not a goal approach." And this is so important going forward in business, especially for success in 2019 and beyond. Our focus with all our clients is to focus on doing what others: 1. Don't do; 2. Can't do; And 3. Wouldn't think of doing.
Speed-to-Market, my friend!
"We assist clients to command maximum fees, get paid up front, and create coaching royalties."

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Avra Fainer - High Performance Coach & Speaker

Finally we are going to Build Legacies, not businesses for others. Boost your Confidence, and Reveal the true Brand in you.

Top Consultants, Branding & High Performance Coaches in the world!

Emily Letran - Certified High Performance Coach & Speaker

Carlos & Glenn are teaching us how to make the competition Irrelevant period!

Andrew William Steel - Actor, Oscar Nominee, "Wishman" Movie

They are the real deal. They know what they are talking about. These guys rock. You should definitely get on board.  People out there sell air from stage. They show it to you how it's done.



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